Tuesday, April 28, 2009

See You Tomorrow, Steve

This morning our friend Steve Howell went to be with Jesus. A big man with a scary beard and a big heart, Steve and his wife Cyndi are the founders of The Olive Branch, a local home for adults with developmental disabilities. He will be missed.


  1. I found out today that Steve died. He was such a wonderful man. His vision of how to help people was strong and true, and he walked his talk. The world is less a place with his passing, but his legacy lives on. Thank you, Steve, for your beautiful heart and the thoughtful way you lived your life. Thank you for providing such a happy home for my brother Chris and all the other folks who live and work at The Olive Branch. Thanks to Cydni too, who is such a wonderful woman. ~Debanie

  2. For those who might want to come, Steve didn't want a memorial service. But the Olive Branch was planning their annual picnic for this Saturday anyways. So there will be a time of tribute to Steve as a part of this. It will be held at the Olive Branch itself, starting at 1 PM, Saturday, May 2nd.

    Cyndi called me herself today to give me the details. She sounded remarkably strong and upbeat.