Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I'm Voting for Chuck Baldwin for President

As I've said before, I believe Barack Obama will win the presidency. His policies are frighteningly liberal on both economic issues (wealth redistribution) and moral issues (abortion and homosexual rights) and will result, I believe, in serious problems for our country.

While tempted to vote for John McCain as a vote against Obama, I ultimately opted to vote for Chuck Baldwin, the Constititution Party candidate this year.

I disagree strongly with Baldwin and the Constitution Party on some issues, so please don't paint me as one of them. But I have been disappointed by the Republicans' slide to the left during the Bush years. John McCain is no conservative, and if Palin is a conservative, she seems too "nice" to stand up for her conservative ideals. It seems that the Republican party was more vibrant and conservative during the Clinton administration.

So, I'm casting a vote against Barack Obama. And a vote against the creeping liberalism of the Republicans. We don't need two Democratic parties! My hope is that the Republicans will learn a lesson from their loss this year and return to their conservative roots.

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