Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God's Unpredictable, Exhilarating Guidance

You never know when God might show up.

As we were on the way home from church on Sunday, Dad had the sudden urge to stop and meet the new owner of a car repair garage. Dad tends to be a chatty character anyways so I didn't think too much of it, but it turns out God was guiding Dad. The mechanic was very friendly and talkative and Dad wound up getting a wonderful opportunity to tell him about Jesus. The mechanic told us a lot of interesting stories about how God has revealed Himself to him at many points in his life, yet he is not following Jesus.

Then when we left there, my nosy father decided to postpone our lunch a few more minutes to check to see how the construction on the new bank is coming in our neighborhood. When we pulled into the parking lot (which is also used by a gas station), there was a local pastor filling up his motorcycle. So we stopped and had a very enjoyable conversation with him about what God's been doing in his life lately. Again, thanks to God guiding Dad through a seemingly random impulse.

Monday it was my turn to be in the "God zone", I guess.

Sean, a VOM rep from Colorado, was down here on business for a short window of time. It worked out for us to meet in Camp Verde for lunch. I met him in the McDonald's parking lot. He wanted to eat somewhere healthy though. I was not too sure where he was going to find a place in Camp Verde that would meet those specs (think "small cowboy town"), but I guided him along the short road that was the "business loop". Well, what do you know? Someone had put in a health food store--with cafe--right on Main Street. Small, but adequate. We walked through to the back where they had a small kitchen, small tables, and small menus.

And ... what was this? A VOM newsletter lying on a table with a couple of health related magazines? Huh? That had never happened to me before--in any public place, much less, a health food store! It's not the normal "doctor's office" magazine. And most health food stores (at least in our area) are run by new agers. Not your typical VOM subscriber.

Turns out the owners of the store are messianic Jews who are VOM supporters. When they found out we were VOM reps, they refused payment for the lunch. I had a turkey burger, Sean had a buffalo burger. Sean managed to give a few bucks to the cook as a tip, since she's an employee and not a family member.) Sean and the owners started talking rapidly above my head about Bible prophecy and their favorite spots to visit in Israel.

It seems I have a lot of these kind of "coincidences" when doing VOM work.

Then on the way home I was able to give an unscheduled ride to two teenage guys from our neighborhood (who really are having a rough time of life--pray that they will give their lives to Jesus).

It was a good afternoon.

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