Monday, September 9, 2019

The King of Upside-Down

I just "discovered" this poem today.  I had to share it with you.  Please read, then share!  -- Daniel


Behold the King without a crown
Who’s turned the whole world upside down!
Now first is last, and last is first,
And cursed is blessed, and blessed is cursed,
And even death can be reversed.

Why have you served the best wine last?
The bridegroom’s come - we cannot fast!
The children see the wisest men
Missing what is plain to them,
And grown-ups must be born again!

The lying cheat is right with God,
The pious man is found a fraud;
The wise are blind while blind men see,
The free are slaves, the slaves are free,
And good things come from Galilee.

The prostitutes have entered in
Before the ones who have no sin.
Now least is most, and most is least,
And five small loaves are quite a feast--
The King has washed His servants’ feet.

Now low is high, and high is low;
The one who’d rise must downward go;
The life that’s lost is life that’s found
And living plants will soon abound
From seeds that died and hit the ground.

The one who’s last receives full pay
The same as him who worked all day,
And mountains jump into the sea
By order of the mustard seed,
And light has dawned in Galilee!

His demands leave us aghast--
The Pharisees must be surpassed!
Our finest cannot pass His test,
And when He’s shredded all our best
He says He wants to give us rest!

We’ll give this king a thorny crown--
We do not want things upside down!
And maybe if we kill Him, then
We can turn them back again,
Where last is last and first is first
And best is best and worst is worst
And blind is blind and we can see
And slaves are slaves and we are free
And dead is dead and tough is tough
For human good is good enough!

Still reigns the King we thought a clown
Who turned the whole world upside down.
He turned on death when He was dead
And now He is alive instead!
He’s blessed the world by being cursed
He gave His best and took our worst
And lived our life and died our death
And loved us to His final breath
And when we thought He’d lost, He won!

Now soon He’ll turn the world around
Until the sky’s below the ground
And shake and shake ‘til all things fly
Off loose and fall into the sky,
And only what was not in vain
And can’t be shaken will remain.
And in that kingdom, He will crown
All who loved Him upside down.

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