Friday, March 2, 2018

Pre-order My New Evangelism Clothing and Save!

We have to wear clothes.  We might as well use them for Jesus.

With your help, I’m on a mission to create gospel-focused clothing that Christians will want to wear, and which will impact every non-Christian who sees it.  I had some great conversations with non-Christians as a result of my first shirt (released in 2016).  But I believe my new design will be even more effective.  

Click to zoom. 

If you want something dressier than a T-shirt, no problem: this new design will again be available as a polo shirt.  If it’s too cold to wear short sleeves, no problem: it will also be available as a standard sweat shirt, a quarter-zip “cadet collar” sweatshirt, and a hoodie.  (And if there’s some other style of clothing you’d like to see imprinted let me know!) 

If you pre-order, you’ll get a better price than if you wait until after they’re printed.  If you pre-order, you can also be sure to get exactly the style and color you want.  You can also opt to have only the back printed if you prefer to have a blank front.  

Colors: lots of choices!  Click the links below to view.  Keep in mind that since the text is white and the heart is red, light colored or red clothes will not display the design well. 

Pricing (valid only through March 6):
Tees: $7 each
Polos: $11.25 each
Cadet Collar: $20.25
Hoodie: $17
The above prices are for sizes Small to XL
Add $2 per item for 2X, $3 per item for 3X and $4 per item for 4X.

Tax: 6.35% (AZ residents only)
Shipping: a flat $6 within the US, regardless of how many or which kind of items you order.  (If you live locally and can get the shirt(s) from me in person, there is no shipping charge.)

If you want to pre-order, simply email me {daniel at evangelwear dot com} with the quantity, style, size, and color of shirts you want.  You do NOT need to pay now.  But you do need to send me your pre-order by the end of March 6

Lastly, let me remind you of the exponential increase in impact that comes when people wear matching clothing at the same time.  Two people entering Safeway wearing the same design catches more eyes than two people wearing designs that don’t match.  So perhaps you might want to get shirts for other members of your family or your church. 

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  1. Great message. May the Lord be known by multitudes.