Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Justifying Our Luxury

A few days ago I discovered the following videos.

In the first, TV preacher Kenneth Copeland takes possession of a new jet for his ministry.  (They still are trying to raise another $2.5 million for upgrades.)

The second video shows Copeland and another preacher (who also has a jet) discussing why they "need" a jet for their ministries. 

The videos are sickening, but I don't share them here to bash prosperity preachers.  Hopefully you are discerning enough to already know that these men are preaching a false gospel.  Rather, I share these videos in order to ask whether we ourselves are guilty of using similar rationales in justifying luxury in our own lives, on a smaller scale. 

As Christians, we claim to follow a Man who didn't even own a pillow, and to respect an apostle who wrote 1 Corinthians while hungry and homeless.  I am not advocating a vow of poverty or financial asceticism.  I'm suggesting that we re-examine our reasons for believing we need the things we buy. 

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