Friday, July 17, 2015

Would You Wear This?

I'm designing a Christian shirt, and I want your help.

I wear Christian T-shirts, but I have a few pet peeves about them.  
  • Most of them have cheesy messages.  It's hard to find ones that are actually evangelistic.  (Although there are a few good ones out there.)
  • Most of them are dark colors, which are hot to wear in Arizona.
  • All of them are collarless, which makes them too informal for some settings.
  • None of them have pockets, which means you have to carry tracts somewhere else. 
So, I'm working with a T-shirt printing place to print a polo shirt, available in several light colors, with a pocket and collar, with "which thief are you?" on the front and "Don't you fear God, since we are under the same sentence of condemnation?" on the back.

Now I've gotten a "mock up" of what it will look like, and I want your suggestions on how to make it better.

Five things you should know:
  1. The shirt will be available in many different lighter tone colors
  2. It will have a front left pocket.
  3. I don't want anything overtly religious on the front side. I want the front side to start conversations. ("Which thief am I? What does that mean?")
  4. I want it to be artistic, but more importantly readable. Many of the Christian shirts on the market today are hard to read.
  5. Adding multiple ink colors increases the price of the shirt.
Now that you know all of that, I would be so grateful (and will give you a discount on the finished product!) if you would be willing to give me your honest suggestions on ways it can be improved.

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