Sunday, January 19, 2014

State Your Business

An eccentric character he was. Sunglasses and skullcap. Earbuds blocking outsiders and providing the soundtrack for his drumming. He drummed on and on, noiselessly. His sticks only beat the air. The air of Jerome, Arizona, which has its share of strange sights.  Tourists tried to ignore him.

With a friend praying for me in the background, I decided to see if I could talk with the airbeater about Jesus. 

He was wearing a USMC shirt. "Are you a Marine?"  He pulled out the earbuds. Yes, he was a Marine but he didn't want to talk about it. The more questions I asked about his service to our nation, the more he clammed. About to lose the conversation, I told him I wanted to talk with him about his relationship with Jesus.

He opened up right away.

And I learned a big lesson about beating around the bush.

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