Friday, May 3, 2013

Better is a Neighbor Who is Near

Last week the car battery died.  Thankfully, it died at home, in the carport.  Also thankfully, I didn't have to be anywhere immediately.  Eventually I got the idea to put out a note on to see if anyone had a battery charger (thinking that perhaps I could charge it up enough to start once).

In case you haven't heard of it before, is a free social networking site for neighbors.  It's simple, and a great way to meet neighbors and stay abreast of what's happening in your immediate vicinity.   On Nextdoor, neighbors share community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better, and more.

Within minutes I had two offers of battery chargers, an offer of a ride to town, and an offer of a new battery that I could borrow.  I took the last option, borrowed the battery (the neighbor even gave me a ride home so I wouldn't have to carry the battery by foot), and used it to get to AutoZone where I bought a new one.

If there is a NextDoor community set up for your neighborhood, I would encourage you to join.  It's free, and doesn't take long.  If there is not one set up yet, I encourage you to become a neighborhood "founder".  Being a founder does take some time initially but it's a great way to serve your neighborhood.  And, if you use this referral link to found your NextDoor neighborhood, you and I will both get a $50 Starbucks card.  (I don't drink coffee and I think Starbucks is way too pricey.  But I digress.)

Not sold yet?  Check out the video below!

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