Saturday, March 23, 2013

China's Spiritual Openness

While America darkens spiritually, the sacrifices of Hudson Taylor's generation of missionaries and the suffering of Chinese Christians under Mao have made China one of the most spiritually open nations in the world today.  My mother recently received this letter from a college student in China.   (Can you imagine anyone her age in the US writing a letter like this?)  Grammar has not been corrected.
Dear sister:
I want to detailed introduce myself to you, because I hope that we can become good friends.
I was born in 1993, my Chinese name is _____. My English name is _____. And now I study English and HOLY BIBLE in a school. But my English is bad, ____ told me about you taught English Bible before. She said, you love China so much, you pray for China all the time. So I want you to help me to study English and THE BIBLE. But I am very sorry that I cannot listen to your English Bible class. Because our English teacher told me that we have English corner now. So I cannot listen to your class. I hope that you can forgive me.
When I talk with you, I feel that you are a godly Christian. So I hope that we can pray for each other in Jesus Christ. And I want to write a short passage send to you every weekend. So I also hope that you can correct my essays, if I have some wrong sentences. But I do not know that will you agree to help me? I hope that you can help me.
Do you want to know my testimony? I want to tell you about my simple testimony.
When I was a little girl, I went to the church with my grandmother. She was a Christian, but now she was in heaven with Father. When I went to the church, I just to played. I do not know God at that time. My grandmother always preached The Gospel to me. She always told me that God loves me all the time, I need God in my life, sometimes I fee God is with me, but sometimes I do not know where is God? Because my faith would doubted at that time. I know there is one God in the world. But I am not sure that Jesus is my savior. Because I cannot see Him, this was my thought before.
 After that, I was in middle school, our teachers told us, there is no God in this world, gradually, I believed this lie. When I left my school, I did not been to church, but after that, I had some trouble in my life. I do not know how to spent these difficult days. At this time, I felt God is with me and comforted me. And same time, I remembered that my grandmother said, God never abandoned me. So I return to before God. I known that I was a sinful person, I need Him , Father gave His only son who His name is Jesus, Jesus died on the cross for me ,and His blood clean my sin. He gave me a new life in Him, and gave me an everlasting home, that is beautiful heaven. He is there now.
I was baptized in 2008. I know I am a baby in Jesus, Sometimes I will sin, I also know God will sad for me, I hope that The Holy Spirit lead me live a holy life and He can give me wisdom and understanding to know God’s words more and more, I pray to Father, He can help me obey Him command and enjoy Him in my life. And I also pray to God is always with me, and leads me to fellow Him forever. This is my simple testimony.
In my family, only me believe in Jesus, because I grew up in my grandmother home. So hope that my family can believe in God, I hope that you can pray for my family to believe in Jesus.
 My goal is become a translator in the future, so this is why I will study English, because I want to translation for some missionaries to China to preach The Gospel. This is my thought now.
 My English grammar is terrible, I ask you to correct me. OK. I hope that you can through my testimony know me. I also hope you can pray for my study English.
Do you have anything need me to pray for you? If you have, you can share with me.
Thanks for your listening!
 God bless you and your family more and more!

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