Friday, February 8, 2013

How to Share Jesus with... My Neighbors?

I saw your prayer request about witnessing in your neighborhood. We prayed for you, of course. I also wondered what exactly you did and how it went.
 I have been praying about doing something in my own neighborhood, town. It bothers me that I am supporting Christians in spreading the gospel halfway around the world, but do not do likewise here.
Twice in the last 2 years I went with a group from my church to {my town's} fairs. We set up a booth and witnessed Way of the Master style. It was exhilarating, terrifying and fun all at the same time. I had a 45 minute conversation with the New Age Crystal dealer next to us about why the hippie movement in the 60's did not change lives, but the Jesus Freak movement did. I still pray for that man occasionally. No visible fruit though. I have been praying ever since.
Not sure what to do. I would appreciate hearing about your experience.
Blessings, L. 

Hi L,

I very much identify with your uncertainty about how to reach out in our own community.  Like you said, if they can do it in India, why can't we do it here?

Doing evangelism at community events sounds great.  I have evangelized at July 4th, Halloween, and Christmas events.  Anytime you can find people sitting or standing around, it can be a good opportunity.  But it's hard to find people who aren't in motion. 

My latest evangelism idea, the one you've been praying for, is starting a neighborhood Bible study.

There are about 100 homes just in our immediate neighborhood, what I call the North Mesa.  We have developed relationships with some of our neighbors with the hopes of sharing the gospel with them, but I began realizing that I would never have time to build relationships with most of them.  I wanted a way to quickly find the people in the neighborhood who are most spiritually receptive/interested, so that I can focus my limited time on them.

I went around to the homes where we don't know the people and asked, "Do you know of any one in our neighborhood who has a Bible study?"  No one did.  Then I asked them "If there was one, would you be interested?"  Only a few people were potentially interested.  (But it was really interesting to ask people these two questions -- a very fast way to take someone's spiritual temperature.)

Now I am praying about what sort of Bible study to lead (I'm thinking of starting with a 6 week basic introduction to Christianity based on the book of Mark called Christianity Explained) and where to host it (I'm thinking of asking a Christian neighbor if she would be willing to host it in her home). 

Thanks for your prayers, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Because of Jesus' mercy,


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