Monday, October 1, 2012

Beware Calls from the "Windows Technical Department"

Hi ____,
Just wanted to tell you that I got a phone call just like you had a few weeks ago, a guy with an East Indian accent from the “Windows Technical Department” calling to tell me that their server had detected that my computer was infected with malicious software. I confronted him very boldly with his lie and told him he needed to repent and trust in Jesus. He hung up on me.
I searched online and found that MANY people are reporting these kinds of phone calls. Some people have been called repeatedly.
Microsoft is also aware of the phone fraud but unfortunately it seems there isn’t much they can do. I guess it’s a bit hard to track down and arrest guys in India who commit crimes in the US!

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  1. My mother got "routed" by a call such as this...A "sign of the times."