Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Age-old Debate

Sent to a father who is a friend of mine:

If any of your kids have an interest in creation science and/or apologetics in general, you might enjoy sitting down to watch this with them.

TBN had what amounted to an unplanned “debate” between Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, and Ray Comfort (representing young earth creationism) and Hugh Ross, Sean McDowell (Josh’s son) and John Bloom (representing old earth creationism). It ended up primarily being between Ken Ham and Hugh Ross. Matt Crouch (son of TBN founders) was the host. It’s a train wreck as far as debate was concerned (far too disorganized to actually cover anything adequately) but it is zany right from the cheesy introduction. And if one of your kids is interested in apologetics you could use this as a great teaching tool. Lots of examples of good, bad, and terrible apologetics.
In case you're wondering, I believe the Bible clearly teaches a young earth.

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  1. Hugh Ross' stuff is goofy at best. I've listened to the tapes. His stuff is perhaps more confusing than pure evolutionism. Why can't they just accept the clear Biblical teaching. It is also shocking to see that MacDowell's son would have strayed so far but then we have Franky Schaeffer, don't we!