Monday, February 14, 2011

Two ways to be wrong

Got this note from a friend.  (Which reminds me: if you come across something that you think my readers should read, please forward it to me!) 

His email needs no prefacing, other than to say that I find the attitude of this church just as misguided as that of Deepak.  Although Deepak and this church hold opposing theological views, the end result is still the same: the true good news of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection is not reaching people who need to hear it.
I ran into a couple of things that I thought you may be able to use in your blog.

The first is a short video clip of Deepak Chopra. You can google him if you don’t know much about him. It draws a comparison to his wisdom compared to the wisdom of Jesus. They tried to trick Jesus and ask him gotcha questions and get him caught up in his own words, but it never worked. When you read the gospels everything Jesus says is pretty much short, sweet, to the point and the best way it could be said. It is also the truth. He didn’t open himself up by saying idiotic things like Chopra says.

the second thing is a news story I came across about a mosque being opened up next to a church. I did not do any background checking into the history behind it but the reaction from the church, at least in this article is all wrong. If their was going to be a mosque built I my community I would encourage it to be built next to my church. I would be the first one to welcome them to the community and try to start a relationship with them. I would try to build on our shared belief in Christ and use it as an opportunity to steer them to the thru Lord. I would market to their members and invite them to learn more about “the prophet Jesus” who is in their Koran. I would see it as a wonderful opportunity to witness to Muslims.
But if you start out fighting them, you will probably never get that opportunity.
I am not lecturing you, I know you already know it, I just thought it would make for a good blog post.

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