Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Encouraging News

From a friend (and loyal blog reader) on Sunday:

Wonderful news about your Mom!!  I sure hope she did not suffer consequences from her outing and can enjoy many, many more like it.

Rev. Bill Witt did a very informative and persuasive slide presentation for our church service today about the work of the VOM.  It held the entire church audience spellbound (except for the younger kids). Good information which is NEWS to many.


My reply (today):

Thanks for your prayers for Mom.  She did go and seemed to tolerate it fairly well.  The Sunday School classroom was more stuffy and harder for her.  During the church service, she sat in the foyer of the sanctuary (where she could still hear and see) with one of the big doors open to get fresh air.  This worked well, other than being chilly.  But she was thrilled to be there and does plan to go again.

When they heard about this, my brother’s family (who have desired for many years to have us share a holiday with them) invited us to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.  In the 18 years my brother and his wife have been married, Mom’s health has prevented her from having a holiday with them, outside of one time that they spent New Year’s Day here.  The 2 hours each way will be tough for Mom, but I guess she is getting gutsier in her old age!  (But do keep this trip covered in prayer!)

Thanks for the good report on Bill.  He is indeed a great public speaker.  He is also a good one-on-one encourager/mentor.  He is the one who suggested that I harness my passion for the persecuted church by becoming a VOM Area Representative.  Occasionally now I tease him about what he started!


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