Monday, September 13, 2010

Deception from the Inside

Through a friend on Facebook, I found the blog of a young LDS man who is on a mission in Chile.  Never before have I had such an inside look at what life is like for an American Mormon missionary.  It is heartbreaking for several reasons:
  • He is completely deceived and entangled by his religion.
  • Even though ultimately his choice of this wrong belief system is not simply a matter of ignorance, but of willful rejection of the truth about God that is known to every human (Romans 1:19-20), it is still sad to see a fellow human spending his life for what in the end will lead him to hell.
  • He is leading other people into this same belief system.
  • And what is perhaps most frightening of all, he bases his faith on the same things that many professing Christians do: spiritual experiences, mental impressions, and pure faith. (Faith in faith does not save; only faith alone in Jesus alone saves.)
If you find your own faith shaken by looking at "Elder" Matthew Ward's blog, perhaps this is a good opportunity for you to re-examine what your faith is really based on.

I have another friend who was an LDS missionary in Argentina.  Brad Melton's experience as a missionary actually led him to discover the falsehood of Mormonism, and now he teaches Christians why Mormonism is wrong, why the Biblical gospel is true, and how to share it with Mormons.  Here is a short video with some excerpts from one of his talks.  Maybe you'd like to have Brad come share at your church or Bible study?

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