Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving--for Kids

Some priceless pictures from my church's Thanksgiving dinner last night. As things turned out, I wound up sitting at the table with six young boys. Apparently the adults thought I was sacrificing by sitting with them. But honestly, it was a great joy.

The young man at left is examining the new look of his plastic fork after holding it over a candle. The young man with the pen is thinking of more items to add to our table's Thanksgiving list. (You can click on any of these pictures for a larger view.)

I realized I was growing old when I had to ask them what an iTouch is. And I felt even older when one of the boys told me that of the seven of us at the table, only myself and a six year old did not have iPods. (How did he even know I don't have an iPod?)

Craig shares what the people at his table are grateful for.

Women and children were first, but there was still lots of good food left for the men!

And some clowning.

Doesn't he look like the farmer in American Gothic?

Thank You, God--for kids!

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