Friday, October 16, 2009

Rifaximin Slightly Helpful

Mom finished her week of intensive Rifaximin antibiotic therapy on Sunday. We've been waiting to see the long term results. We can definitely say that Rifaximin caused no negative side effects, which is a blessing in itself.

About the same time she started taking a product called Fruit-Eze, which is a blend of prunes, dates, raisins, and prune juice. Although she had (of course) tried prunes before, for some reason this particular blend seems to work better.

She has also discovered that magnesium oxide seems to work better for her constipation than other forms of magnesium such as magnesium citrate or milk of magnesia. (All magnesium, when taken in large enough quantities, draws water into the colon, which for normal people at least results in a bowel movement.)

Lastly, she's found that if she spends more time in her recliner chair it seems to take pressure off her colon and allow food to move around somewhat more freely.

So all of that to say that for approximately the last week and a half she's been able to go to the bathroom more regularly, although still not normally. Exactly how much is due to the Rifaximin, the Fruit-Eze, the Mag Oxide, or the recliner we don't know for sure. We're grateful to God for the improvement, however slight. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!

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