Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Mrs. Bartsch's situation

Hi everyone,

My name is Chris. I’m a friend of Daniel, and I’d like to update you on Mrs. Bartsch (Ann)’s situation on behalf of Daniel, as Internet went down for him today so he wasn’t able to do it himself.

Mrs. Bartsch was treated by a colonic professional yesterday, who was able to successfully clean her colon. However, there seemed to be something in the sigmoid (the contracted and crooked part of the colon immediately above the rectum) area that was blocking Mrs. Bartsch’s colon from operating normally, and Mrs. Bartsch wasn’t able to go to the bathroom this morning. After discussing this to some friends on the phone, Mr. Bartsch (Ward) decided to take her to the emergency room. About half an hour ago Mr. Bartsch called in and said they were waiting for the doctor at the moment.

When Daniel gives me new update I’ll try to put it on this blog as soon as I can.

Thank you very much, everyone.


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