Friday, January 30, 2009

Write for my blog!

This blog is called "Daniel and Friends", not just "Daniel". I'm opening up my blog for your written contributions! By simply emailing them to "charactercomputing[dot]blog[at]blogger[dot]com" they will be put in my blog as a draft, pending my review. (Replace the dots and at with the appropriate punctuation--I did this to hopefully prevent the spammers from posting.)

Here's what I am looking for:
  • Tell us things that most people don't know but need to know.
  • Tell us things that are important and substantive, not trivial. Remember Jesus' words: "[E]very careless word that men shall speak, they shall render account for it in the day of judgment".
  • Stories about God working in your own life are especially welcome. Each of us has a unique piece of "His-story" to tell.
  • Also wanted: stories about unique (good or bad) aspects of your culture that will motivate us to pray for your culture to come to Jesus.
  • Items you write yourself, not "forwards"
  • No pictures, videos, etc (the email-submission part of Blogger can't handle them).
Don't be offended if I don't publish your post or if I delay in publishing it. I'm really picky!

Thanks for helping make my blog a source for meaningful, thought-provoking, unique communications!

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