Wednesday, December 31, 2008

25 years ago: my first homeschool "parent-teacher conference"

We've recently begun the process of digitizing some old cassette tapes.

Among them is this 20 minute jewel. My parents started homeschooling me in August, 1983, back when home schooling was still new and scary in America. This recording of my first 'parent-teacher conference' is from November 11, 1983.

The sound quality is not great after all these years (a lot of 'buzz' to try to hear over, and the end of the recording seems to be missing).

You will, however, get a kick out of hearing how my voice sounded back then. (There are some really cute moments on this recording.)

You will see what good parents God has blessed me with.

And you will see the faithfulness of God, who has continued working in us all these years, drawing us closer to Himself. How patient He is! Looking back 25 years gives me courage to trust Him for the next 25.

If you don't see the embedded player above, click here to listen in a separate window.

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