Saturday, September 6, 2008

Islam's Aggressive Apologists

In the past two years as I have met Muslims on Skype and gotten to know their religion better, I have been impressed -- and worried -- by their zeal in defending their faith.

Touch their religion and you often receive a surprisingly visceral response. For a peaceful religion, they really have a lot of hot buttons. If you make remarks about the Trinity, Muhammad, or the violent passages of the Quran -- be prepared for a vigorous defense.

There is a commendable aspect to this. From my (very limited) experience, it seems Muslim young people are being better trained in apologetics than Christian young people. Please watch this 10 minute YouTube video by a young Muslim and then read my comments below.

  • How many American Christians could answer this guy's arguments? He came up with a surprisingly compelling argument. It is totally false, but it is not easy to see the falseness on the surface.
  • I'm not totally sure what it is... the condescension and passion in his eyes... the rather unusual black garments... but to me, he looks rather creepy!
I believe we should view the increasing influence of Muslim apologists as a challenge in three ways:
  • To know the Bible better.
  • To pray more frequently and passionately for God to open the eyes of Muslims and expose the errors of Islam
  • To go as missionaries to Muslims (whether here in the west or internationally). Most Muslims have never had a real Christian as a neighbor. The Christianities that most Muslims have seen are false, weak, distorted versions.
One good, free resource is Dr. James White's YouTube section on countering Islamic arguments.

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