Friday, July 11, 2008

The Trip Home

Other than telling you that the trip back to Arizona went great, that we were well fed by Lu and well chuckled by Dick, there are only two events worth mentioning.

We were passing through western Oklahoma and saw a sign for a town named Altus. Dick said to Lu, "Isn't Altus where your brother Howard spent some time in the Air Force?" Lu agreed. A couple minutes later, Lu's cell phone rang--it was her brother Howard! We all had a good laugh.

We stopped at the cross in Groom again so we could get some food out of the trunk. I figured the cross should be a good place to evangelize (natural conversation starter!) but I was having trouble getting up the nerve to try it. There was a guy heading towards the old Suburban parked next to us so I decided to at least see if I could start up a conversation with him. It turned out he had just graduated from The Master's Seminary in California, which is where my pastor graduated from. He and wife and five children were moving to eastern Oklahoma to plant a church. That's not the first time I have met an interesting Christian while trying to evangelize.

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