Saturday, May 10, 2008

Avoiding "Second Generation Syndrome"

If you are not a Christian with kids or ministering to kids, this article may be uninteresting to you.

For Christians, there is the perpetual problem of successfully transmitting their faith to their children. The usual pattern is that the first-generation Christians are very zealous for the Lord. The second generation is typically less zealous for Jesus than their parents but retain their parents moral standards. They drop the foundation but keep the structure. In the third generation, the morals begin to slip too.

Of course, this "degeneration of the generations" can be spread out over more or fewer generations depending on the individual family.

But most importantly, it does not have to happen at all.

Michael Pearl has written a fabulous article on this topic. It's aimed at home schoolers -- since I am a product of home education I found it particularly insightful and accurate --but has relevance for anyone who has kids or interacts with kids. Click here to read it.

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