Friday, February 29, 2008

Why China is becoming a superpower

Hi friends,

The note below, received yesterday from a Skype friend in China, shows why China is growing very quickly to be the economic superpower of the world. Look at the enthusiasm and motivation dripping from this young man’s message. He speaks great English (really) – better than the average Chinese. But his zeal for work is not unusual among Chinese young people now. They are raising a generation of workaholics, which will put their country into global preeminence but will give China the same societal problems that the US is dying of.

However, Christianity is growing rapidly in China as well. The question is whether Christianity in China will defeat materialism, or whether materialism will defeat Christianity.


Hi Daniel,

I’m guessing that your business is probably not in need of any new employee at this point but can you employ me in a way that I get paid only 150 dollars or less per month for working diligently and full time for you? I mean I am willing to work more than 50 hours per week for you and reverse my bio-clock to conform to Arizona time. I can answer E-mails, phone calls, do data entry and market research, talk with manufactures, distributors, customers or do whatever you will train me to do. Because of my lack of knowledge and experience in such a business, I am prepared to make great efforts to learn quickly and work hard to make myself a worthy member of your team,

150 dollars per month is certainly not enough to live in the United States but in [my city], which is a city with a low standard of living, this amount of money can help me make a normal living, especially since I am living with my parents. Also I am very dear with money and don't spend a lot actually. Another thing, you don't have to sign a contract with me or provide any benefits, and you simply fire me anytime when you find me unqualified. I really hope you can give me a chance to prove with hard work that I can make contributions to your business and ultimate cause, which is to spread the word of God. You are even educating people about God on your corporate website J Most business websites don’t do that.

There are a number of jobs here that allow me to use English, but only a little. And I am not so upset about this anymore because, after all, this is not an English speaking country so what can I expect? However, the internet is making the world so small that I believe I can use my computer to work for you in a way that is very similar to sitting in your office to work for you.

I fully understand that it will take you a considerable amount of time and energy to train me, so I am willing to give up the first month’s pay. In other words, you don’t pay me a dime until the end of the second month, 150 dollars, no benefits and no bonuses, and I will be very happy because I know I am going to love this job! Well, I love English, I love computers, and I love working in front of a computer too! And this job combines all three elements! Money isn’t my object at all.

Lately I’ve been researching online extensively about the possibility of me starting an Ebay business, which could be a way for me to work in an English environment. I talked about this idea with your Dad last night when I met him on Skype. However, today I found that Ebay has been taking measures to make it almost impossible now for new and especially small businessmen from China to enter the American Ebay market. This, many believe, is a result of massive scam operations conducted by Chinese Ebayers in recent years, causing a lot of damage to Ebay and its members. I feel so ashamed for those scammers!

Now Ebay is refusing me, but I really hope you won’t refuse me too. Please give me a chance, and if I end up failing to meet your standards, just fire me without paying me a dime. I sincerely hope to work for you, Daniel.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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