Friday, September 28, 2007

An amazingly simple tool for watching Christian TV on your computer

A couple days ago a Christian in Morocco sent me a tiny executable file that he said would allow me to watch Christian TV on my computer. I was very skeptical that any file so small (about 150kb) could do anything so dramatic… but indeed, he was right. I soon found myself “surfing” between Christian broadcasts in Arabic, English, and Spanish (and probably other languages). I was impressed with the picture quality obtainable so easily over the internet – in another few years, if things continue like this, probably almost everyone will watch TV on their computer rather than via TV signal.

I’ve since traced the file back to a web site where you can download it yourself for free. It works on many different versions of Windows, does not “hog” your computer, and is quite simple to operate. Here’s the link in case you’re interested yourself.

It could be especially great for people who live in countries where Christian TV is not normally accessible.

However, I also need to issue a strong warning: those of us who live in the US know already that a lot of what is called “Christian” television is sad rubbish, full of errors, deceptions, things that tickle the ears but leave the soul unsatisfied. Such is also the case with this tool: a lot of the programs are dangerously deceptive. Use caution in what you watch, particularly if you are not strongly “grounded” in the Bible. Use caution in sending this tool to people who are not Christians—it could give them a wrong idea of Christianity and make them resistant to hearing the true message of Jesus.

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