Monday, February 16, 2009

Prisoner for Christ: Sun Minghua

At, you can write letters to people who are imprisoned in China, Vietnam, and other countries because of their faith in Christ.

You would think the letters would be confiscated by the prison authorities--and sometimes they are. Even then, at least it lets the officials know that people around the world are concerned about how they treat their inmates. And often the letters are successfully delivered, and bring incredible encouragement to the believers. They know then that they have not been forgotten.

On Saturday I sent a letter to Sun Minghua, a woman who has been imprisoned in China since September of 2001. You can write her yourself by clicking here. Or, for further background on her legal case, you can read a gripping report here (in the 2nd half of the article).

Join with me in encouraging those who are in prison for Jesus!

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